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Phytozon Rain Forest Breakthrough

Phytozon is a Revolutionary Product that comes to us from a team of 15 Doctors and Research Scientists who travel the world in search of Phytonutrients thay can have a positive impact on our health and wellness.

The Powerful Complex Ingredients in Phytozon, many with antioxidant activity, have been individually shown in multiple peer-reviewed and published research and clinical studies to support the following:

Endogenous IGF-1 Secretion
Circulatory System Health
Enhanced Antioxidant Support
Increased Nutrient Absorption up to 300%
Overall Healthy Aging
Heart Health
Eye Health
Joint Health

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american dream nutrition

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Just as a mother imparts immune system "knowledge" to her baby through her colostrum, or first milk, transfer factors in natural immunity don't just feed the immune system, they actually transfer immune system "knowledge" to your body to educate the immune system to recognize potential threats, even airborne ones.

Our product is carefully designed to offer immune support the way nature intended.

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