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  • Every 34 seconds an American dies as the result of a blocked cardiac artery.
  • More than 6.8 million Americans undergo heart bypass, balloon angioplasty and other circulation related procedures each year.
  • 700,000 Americans will suffer a sudden blockage of blood flow to the brain each year that's 83 people every hour of the day.
  • Year after year plaque deposits grow larger, gradually starving your heart, brain cells and every other cell in your body - setting you up for serious health problems.
  • Heart disease and heart attacks are the # 1 killers of women in America.
  • It claims more lives than breast cancer, diabetes and accidents combined. Cardiovascular disease ranks as the number two cause of death for children under age 15.
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Might just be "Clear Heart©"an all new one-of-a-kind formulation with L Arginine, EDTA, Nattokinase, Co-Enzyme Q-10 plus many other proven ingredients designed to help clear plaque and calcium deposits from the heart and arteries.

This truly amazing formulation has been created exclusively for American Dream and it's growing number of independent distributors by an Internationally renowned doctor, pioneer and leader in the field of both I.V. and oral therapy.

In medical studies, EDTA has been shown to be safe for humans and has been proven effective in the removal of plaque from the arteries over many years of intense studies.

In fact, EDTA is so safe for humans, the American Heart Association recommends massive direct intravenous injections as treatment for people who have been exposed to toxic lead, mercury, aluminum, and cadmium.

Scientific studies have shown that EDTA is up to 82% effective at eliminating rogue calcium from plaque, causing clogs to soften, let go and be flushed away! Simply put, this therapy is widely known to be a powerful remedy for, and help protect against - Heart, joint, kidney, and even hearing problems!

U.S. Medical Association - including the American College for advancement in medicine (ACAM) are dedicated to training doctors in the use of this type of therapy to improve hardening of the arteries and other chronic degenerative issues. As a result, U.S. doctors enthusiastically recommend EDTA therapy to their patients. 

Over 1 million Americans and 3 million patients in Canada, Europe, Australia, and South America take advantage of this type of therapy every year..


Getting the benefits of I.V. Chelation therapy is not only uncomfortable, but time consuming and expensive. The high price that could mount into the many thousands of dollars puts I.V. Chelation therapy out of reach for most people.

Now, thanks to American Dream's new Clear Heart©, those days might be gone forever.

Our product is easy to take just (3 capsules a day) and affordable by the masses.

Here are just some of the potential benefits people could experience if they have increased circulation and blood flow:

  • Blockage in arteries feeding the heart and Brain may be reduced.
  • High cholesterol, homocysteine, and blood Pressure- key risk factors for heart and brain problems may be reduced to normal levels.
  • Chronic shortness of breath may be eased or eliminated.
  • Edema (swelling of the lower legs and ankles) a symptom of congestive heart problems, could be improved or alleviated.
  • Angina and general chest pains may be eased.
  • Cold, numb, and painful extremities could be warmed and soothed.
  • Varicose veins could fade or even vanish.
  • Enlarged prostates could shrink.
  • Insomnia could be replaced by deep, restful sleep.
  • Low energy may be replaced by deep wells of new energy.
  • Vision problems and "floaters" could improve or eyesight may improve.
  • Hearing loss due to calcium deposits in the ear may Improve.
  • Memory loss and fading mental powers may be halted or improved.
  • Male impotence may be a thing of the past... and much more!

A Healthy Heart... Your Life Depends On It.

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