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Testimonial with Phytozon

My balance was horrible. While walking I would at times stumble and fall. I couldn't walk a straight line, MY equilibrium was off, I often felt light headed. I had no clue what was going on with me. I started using the Phytozon on May 1st, and I haven't had any problems with my balance at all. Hasn't been a month yet. I recommend this miracle product to everybody! Praise God! Pastor Melvin R.

Testimonial with Phytozon

I just started on the Phytozon less than a month ago. I don't even miss the pain in my lower back. I don't have to nap in the afternoon anymore. This stuff really works! Evelyn M.

Testimonial with Phytozon, Clear Heart, Wild Conk

My son got my dad's cigarette addiction. My dad smoked to deal with stress and my son picked up the habit to deal with stress. I truly feel these addiction issues run in the family. It isn't always drugs! But the drug of choice! I am thankful that this was his only addiction.

I have been on him for years. He will be 33 this year! I was always told pick your battles and finally I did give up saying too much. But as mom's do, I kept up hinting here and there.

My dad died of lung cancer. I saw him suffer greatly! I kept reminding my son that you can smoke for years and it hits you usually in your 50's or 60's. I believe my dad carried the cancer gene, his dad died of lung cancer also and I worry my son has the gene.

3 years ago after I became a ADN distributor I approached my son asked him, "If I sent him Phytozon & Clear Heart if he would diligently take them. He was just turning 30 and in a serious relationship and I explained how he had to take control of his health for his future and future family. The heart gets damaged as well as the lungs from smoking.

He has been very good about taking them and tells me he breathes better. He is a hiker and outdoorsman and said he can tell a huge difference in his energy levels how he feels overall.

When I started him on the Wild Conk he called to tell me he quit smoking and he felt that those 2 products made him have no desire to want to smoke. I am grateful as a mom that he is taking his health seriously. He will be 33 soon and getting married in October! Mom's will always be Mom's! Florence A.

Testimonial with Phytozon and Clear Heart

Don was about 73, he was suffering from very bad bursitis in his hip!

He did the loading dose of Phytozon by taking 2 in the am 1 at lunch and 1 at dinner. The first week he saw a difference in his pain, in the second week, he was pleasantly surprised that the pain was about 85% gone, the weeks just got better and eventually the pain was totally gone.

About 5 months into taking Phytozon, Don called me and said that he had some slight pain in his hip again and was wondering if the Phytozon was working. I assured him everything I know about the herbs in Phytozon, it was simply working deeper into the inflammation that had been there a very long time! Another week went by and the little bit of pain he was noticing went away!

Don, also has had clogged arteries and has had 2 stents put in. He actually stayed on the 4 Phytozon per day and added the Clear Heart. After being on both these products his cardiologist was surprised that the plaque still in his artery (in the places they were finding it) was totally gone!

Don is now 76 and still owns his own home, does inside/outside work/drives into he city to see his kids and Grandkids. I talked to Don on a daily basis and he very healthy compared to many that I know his age. Don religiously takes most of the ADN products!
Don R

Testimonial with Phytozon and PureAquaMins

Axle is a 7 Year old German Shepherd who was diagnosed 2 years ago with an cancerous anal tumor.

The Vet told Brenda that they could do surgery but it would most likely come back and his time is limited, even with the surgery.

They put him on pain medication and he was walking into walls and not living a quality life. Brenda reached out to me and asked if I had any suggestions.

I suggested that Axle take 2 Phytozon, 1 (twice a day) and put one tsp of PureAquaMins in his water adding another 1 tsp in his first dish of water every morning.
I also suggested that she make a solution of 2 ounces of PureAquaMins and 2 ounces of water and spray the tumor 3 times a day!

Within one week he was no longer in pain, off the pain medication and within the first month the tumor shrunk every week and kept shrinking as they continued to spray the area and use the PureAquaMIns in his water and give him the 2 Phytozon per day.

It has been 2 years and the tumor has not come back, they continue to use the maintenance protocol!

Testimonial with PureAquaMins

Two years ago she woke up and stood up and immediately feel to her knees in abdominal pain! She went to the ER and they said that they were pretty sure she had a cancerous tumor on her ovary and said it was huge and bleeding.

They set her up with a cancer Doctor about 3 hours away but said she could not get in for another 4 weeks! It's hard to believe someone has a bleeding tumor and they can't get in for a month!

They told her that she should see her OBGYN, she was unable to get an appointment with him for 12 days. They did an ultrasound in the ER. They said they would not touch if because if it was cancer as they suspected the Doctor in Burlington, VT was skilled at getting all the cancer out of surrounding areas.

She called me and I immediately remembered all the presentations we had done with the

We had this shipped to her quickly and I instructed her to do the therapeutic dose. Mix 1 tsp per gallon and add another tsp per 100 pounds of weight in the first glass of water in the day and the last. And drink only treated water the rest of the day!

When she went into her OBGYN (12 days later from ER about 9 days after starting PureAquaMins), she had another ultrasound.
The Doctor came in with a surprise on his eyes and said, "Do you pray." She said yes I do, why?

He said this makes no sense the tumor is 1/2 the size it was in the ultrasound in the ER. He said I believe in prayer. She said I do too, but it's this stuff I am taking. Of course he dismissed it!

Then another 2 weeks went by and she was told to be prepared to be admitted into surgery in Burlington VT, the day she arrived. They took her in for the unattained and again the Doctor came in with EYES wide open. He said,
"I don't understand this but, the tumor is GONE. There is a sore on your ovary where it was but it is totally gone. he again stated prayer works and she said "I think it's this stuff my sister asked me to take. He again shrugged it off and she decided "no sense in telling them anymore to try to convince them. "The GREAT thing is it's gone". She went home, was never admitted to the hospital and still has her ovaries. Two years later has not returned! Florence A.

Testimonial with Phytozon

I would like to post my own Testimonial to what has improved regarding my health since starting Phytozon. Having battled many years with some pretty severe and crippling symptoms I am absolutely shocked at what I have seen in just a few short months. First, and most noticeably I can hold my own in a conversation about just about anything and not get caught "trying to find the words". My thinking is clearer than it has been in years. In addition, I am flexible! What? I can reach my toes and balance on one foot like a normal human being!

The other MAJOR shift for me has been sleep. I go to bed and fall asleep at night and I wake up in the morning. I know, that sounds like a normal life and not a testimonial...but I have used some form of sleeping pill since 2012 and on the nights I skipped the pill I woke up at 2am and stayed awake with rapid heart beats until about 4:30am...then fell back to sleep just in time to be awoken by my kids. I have not taken a sleep aid since June 10 consecutive nights of sound sleep now. Just feeling like a normal person is a HUGE testimonial for me. I hope many more of you can see for yourselves what this product can do. Is it all I do? No...but its all I have added recently.
It took away my Brain Fog in one day!
Tobin R.

The picture I am posting is a picture of the stuff
I have taken
in recent years that did NOT
work for felt great
to purge all of that stuff.

My kids had hours of fun opening the bottles, dumping the contents and recycling the containers.

 Testimonial with Phytozon

I wanted to tell you about my experience with Phytozon. No one knows this, but I have been in a very dark place for a very long time.
The only way to describe it is that I was dead inside. I had no passion, no motivation, no energy. Living was painful.

Within 3 days on Phytozon my mood elevated. A few days later my energy and enthusiasm returned.
And, my sense of taste came back!! I haven't tasted food in years and basically nibbled on junk. A few days on Phytozon and I actually tasted salmon and asparagus. I gobbled it up 'cause I could taste it and it was wonderful! For the first time in a very long time, I want to get out and do things. I prayed for something and Phytozon got me back in the game of life:)!!
Just my experience, but profound to me. Dr  Emmerson

Testimonial with Phytozon

I have been taking PhytoZon for three weeks. Within a few days on the product, I noticed increased energy, vitality, and well being. I also have better mental focus and a more positive attitude. I find that it is easier to get up early in the morning on work days. I feel like I have rested better during sleep. I have been taking high level nutrition for 25 years and this is the best I have found. I have done the balance and strength test on about 35 people and the results have been dramatic each time. It makes such a dramatic increase in their balance and strength, that some people think it is a trick. It is a fun test to do. It is nice to have a natural product that one can see results that can be measured in ten minutes.
Dr. Mark, DDS

Testimonial with Phytozon

I am 78 years young and I have been on Phytozon for apprx. 6 wks. I have had problems with gout and arthritis for almost 20 years. Most recently, I have had gout of the wrist and my hand would swell up to double the size and I wouldn't be able to bend my fingers and it would turn almost dark red and purple. For the last 3-4 weeks, my hand has slowly turned to its natural color, swelling has gone and I have been able to flex my fingers normally. I also haven't had any foot pain.
John Vietri

Testimonial with Phytozon

I used to be very active, then my wife passed away about a 16 months ago and then I had triple bypass surgery. All this really slowed me down emotional, spiritually as well as physically. My friend Paul has been talking about PhytoZon and how wonderful it has helped him and many of his clients. I got more ad more curious. I asked him to tell me more about it. He took me through some simple flexibility, balance and strength tests.

I am 73yr old male my friend gave me ONE PhytoZon tablet with a tall glass of water and ask me to watch the video on this site.
Eight minutes later my whole life changed. I could touch my toes , where as before I could only touch my knees and my balance standing on one foot was stabilized. I could feel the energy in my body in terms of my increased strength. I am a huge skeptic, but then when I went home i felt at peace and I went to sleep. What was amazing was that I slept like a baby all through the night for the first time in years! I take my own blood pressure every morning and it is always HIGH. I don't know HOW but all readings were within my normal range for first time since my surgery! I am now doing the 5 day detox and becoming a believer of PhytoZon. Thank you Paul!
Dave L, NJ.

Testimonial with Phytozon

For years I have lived in pain. I was a paramedic and because I was a big man I always got the heavy lifting when it came to large patients. Because of bad and awkward positions my back and knees were injured.

I have had 4 major back surgeries, the last one they fused five levels of my spine and put two steel rods in my lower spine.
I have had two correctional surgeries on my right knee and finally total knee replacement.
I have also had open heart surgery. I have nerve pain and arthritis in both my knees and back.

I didn't think there was anything that could help the pain but prescription drugs. I had trouble getting out of a chair, had to push myself out of it. Going up stairs was really tough, I had to hold on to the rail and pull myself up and sometimes I had to go up sideways.

When I was approached about PhytoZon I was very skeptical and said show me. I started taking PhytoZon,
7/18/2014 After THREE DAYS the pain went away and I have not had to take prescription pain killers since.



Testimonial with Phytozon

My good friend Lee introduced myself and my better half Linda to Phytozon on Thur.8/14/14 by doing a demo on me and I did the demo on Linda and wouldn't you know it this little capsule totally amazed us, we found out what the WOW effect really means!

Just the one capsule was like nothing we had ever experienced, we both slept better that night than we had in a long time. I decided after that demo that I wanted to be a part of this American Dream and it's life changing product Phytozon. I received my product on Thurs. 8/21/14 started taking as directed and when I awoke early on Fri. morning 8/22/14 I was full of energy and had to do something about it.

At this point I decided to do something good for my body for a change, I decided to get into walking. You have to know me to understand where I'm coming from. I will turn 70 yrs. young on Oct. 2, actually I meant to say old but that was before Phytozon. The term couch potato really described me but this product has changed me into a Health Nut , not really but it has changed my way of thinking about my health. So with my decision to walk I decided to monitor my weight on a weekly basis. My initial weight. on Fri. morning 8/22/14 was 235 lbs. which is way too much for my hgt. 5' 11" My first 3 days I walked 2 & a half miles at a fast pace and after that I increased my walk to 5 miles fast pace.

I am amazed that I have the strength and endurance to do this without really being tired after each walk. My problem was my breathing due to smoking all my life until about 5 yrs. ago I quit and at that time I was almost 3 packs a day. Thanks to our product getting me off the couch my breathing is improving and I have lost weight.
Just 1 wk. later I have lost 8 lbs. and I feel terrific and for the golfers out there, I'm hitting the ball farther than I ever have before. There's a number of areas in Linda's and my life that we seeing improvements and all I can say is Thank God for Lee and American Dream and Phytozon for an amazing product opportunity....

Testimonial with Phytozon

I want to tell you my testimony. My husband and I signed up for Phyto-Zon July 30th. They said it would take 3 to 5 days to get the product. In my thoughts that would be Saturday August 2nd. Well Saturday came and went and no product.

On Sunday morning when I try to get out of bed I couldn't put weigh on my left leg. I have arthritis in my lower back and knees. I was do to have a knee replacement on left and then right knees sometime this year. Right now I am operating bone on bone in left leg and in constant excruciating pain every day of my life. To get out of bed in the mornings it would take approximately 2 hours to be able to walk upright from a bent over position. Our bedroom is on the second floor. I started praying to my Father. I said Father God, if I had the product, I would take the whole bottle. I prayed to God, I need it NOW!!!!

When I said Now, the doorbell rang. Shortly there after my husband came flying up the stairs waving the package. The mailman put the product in the wrong mailbox on Saturday and the neighbor did not check her mail until Sunday. Praise the Lord!!! I told Ed to get me a glass of water, 2 pills and my cane. I didn't think my cane would do any good and it didn't. I still had to get down the stairs. To walk, I would shuffle my right leg and lift my left leg in place to get across the room. I couldn't put any pressure on the left leg even with the cane. I was at the top of the stairs, my husband standing in front of me so I wouldn't fall. Now what, I couldn't bend my knee even to get in a setting position to slide down the stairs.

I stood there a few moments. and told my husband to get out of the way. I walked down stairs by myself. NO PAIN!!!! I had taken the capsules 3 to 5 minutes before. I still have some pain, but every day I can see improvement. I am walking straighter and taller than ever before. Thank you JESUS and thank you PHYTO-ZON.

Testimonial with Phytozon

In two pills less than a day the pain from surgery And other pains are almost gone. This product also gave me more energy and I feel better. I also sleep very good which wasn't a big problem but feel more alert in the morning.
Thanks for Phytozon. Ron

Testimonial with Phytozon

Thank you so much for introducing us to PhytoZon.

Dave had a knee replacement over 25 years ago and it was never right. It left him with a stiff knee that didn't have much flex. Over the years not having proper gait has taken a toll on his hip. He has also had chronic pain in the knee. At the time we received the PhytoZon he was experiencing much more discomfort than usual. He had a strong dull ache from his hip to his foot and was asking if we still had any pain medications, which we didn't. We also had storms going through our area and he had a sinus headache, for which it is so difficult to get relief.

Well, I asked him if he would try PhytoZon instead, and he agreed. A short while later I asked about the sinus headache and it was gone. By later that evening his hip and leg were feeling better. Each day he is feeling less discomfort.

His mood has improved dramatically. It had gotten to the point he didn't go much further than from his recliner to the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom. He went days without going outside and he was really grumpy. Two days ago he was feeling so much better that he spent most of the day in the kitchen, fixing egg salad, deviled eggs and slicing a big watermelon into pieces to store in a bowl.

He is laughing and joking around again. It's amazing how much mood improves when discomfort is gone.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I'm so pleased to have a happy husband again.
Please accept a virtual hug!
Shirley and Dave

Just had to tell you what is happening with Dave, since he started using PhytoZon on July 30.

​Wanted to let you know Dave is getting well at last and I really think it's the PhytoZon. His ketones are back to normal as being negative or just a trace. He has stopped losing weight and started gaining weight.
Has put on about 4 pounds. His face is filling out again. His arms look like they are getting muscle back. I am SO thankful. I really thought I was losing my husband.

He is also having easier time urinating. No longer painful, which is something I didn't even know he was experiencing. He didn't tell me until after he started feeling better.

You needed to know you have blessed me by giving me back the love of my life.
BIG hugs to you!

This PhytoZon™  testimonial is from one of the most respected men in the fitness industry!
You may or may not know that a few years ago I developed pain in my left hip, weakness in my left leg, and lost much mobility and flexibility in my left leg.
I had to give up running,
(I’m a 3 Time Senior Olympics Gold Medalist). Four of Naples, FL “Top Joint Replacement Surgeons” Said I Had Lost All Cartilage In my left hip and was bone on bone. I tried supplements and therapy, got some relief, but nothing really got me where I want to be. A few months ago I went to “The Center For Regenerative Health” in Miami and received “PRP” Injections Consisting of my own blood and adipose tissue from my stomach, and placenta, injected into my hip, and got some relief.
Two weeks ago along came Phytozon, a capsule containing Nine Amazon Rain Forest Herbs, each chosen for it's ability to Restore Joint Flexibility, Mobility, Rebuild Cartilage, Lower Sugar Levels, Blood Pressure, and much more.

I am Ecstatic over the improvement in all areas of my concerns. I’m just about back to normal in Flexibility and Mobility, PAIN IS GONE, and, again, I AM ECSTATIC!!
As a former construction worker and still a professional Musician (Acoustic Bass and Keyboard), I have developed stiffness in my hands. They are drastically improved, almost back to normal.
Phytozon is produced by a MLM company called “American Dream Nutrition LLC”. I know that some people are not crazy about MLM, but as Ralph Nader's dad would tell me “There are no bad systems, only bad people. If the people are honest, the system will be good, and it will work.”
For anyone interested in earning extra money, the compensation plan is fabulous.

John B.

Testimonial with Phytozon

My friend, Betty, has a great testimonial. She doesn't do emails; so I have to write it for her.
Here is her story: I am 84 years young, but was feeling a bit unsteady and began using a cane right before Margie told me about PhytoZon. I was a little bit skeptical but decided to try it. After only 1 1/2 days I felt more steady and did not have to use my cane!
Even walked up and down steps at church without the feeling of falling down. I can't believe it! I AM SO EXCITED! I want to TELL EVERYONE! God has truly blessed us with this. Oh, and I think I am even seeing better, too! Thank you, American Dream,
for giving us PhytoZon!


Testimonial with Phytozon

HOORAH!! My Pain Is Gone. HOORAH!! For years I have suffered from severe Gout & Lemuroid Authortis. Because of that I had parts of the bone removed from 2 fingers & 1 toe. I have had a knee replacement. At times the pain was nearly unbearable. I tried everything for relief. 2 weeks ago I heard of Phytozon. I ordered some and started taking it on Jul 17.

It is now one week later and my pain is gone, gone, gone. [what a relief] Just a little tingling in my fingers & toes. Also I could not get up from a chair with out using both hands to push up. Yesterday I started getting up with out even using my hands. Thank you PYTOZON
Best Wishes, Virgil

Testimonial from Race Horse -- Cashing Teller:

Race Horse,  Cashing Teller takes 1st on PhytoZon Racing on PhytoZon, Cashing Teller takes 1st Pace! 
Cashing Teller was the fastest of Reeds four qualifiers. Ridden by Silva, Cashing Teller defeated Play Harder by a nose in the fifth trial to get the top time of :17.627 seconds. Both two-year-olds are sired by the Oklahoma based stallion Furrtreeous.

The protocol that Dr. Smith uses is
4 a day for the first 7 days
then 2 for maintenance
and then only 1 on race day.

Boy if a Horse could talk!

Owned and bred by Dr. Curtis Smith, Cashing Teller broke his maiden May 1 at Remington Park then finished second in a Fair Meadows allowance race on June 13.

Testimonial with Phytozon

Wanted to drop you a note to let you know how Phytozon is working for me. I have not sent in a testimonial because I'm watching one more thing before I send it in.

For those of you who do not know, here is a little background. I messed up a disc in my back hanging a very heavy wreath Thanksgiving morning. By noon, I was in excruciating pain that never let up. The dr. gave me two prescription pain pills (not narcotic), but told me because of my kidney damage to not take one of them any more than I had to. As luck would have it, that one was the only one that provided any relief at all. I alternated Tylenol and Aleve and took the one I wasn't supposed to take until it thinned my blood too much and caused a whole other set of problems.......I kept taking it anyway because the pain was so bad.

My choices were surgery or to spend several weeks flat on my back. We are raising a grandson, who is in school, so neither of those was an option since my husband travels all week with his job. So I had just decided I would have to live with the pain. I spent the last 7 months alternating up an hour and in bed three.

I was eager to get Phytozon, but scared to get my hopes up too much. Monday, we had to be in court for a custody hearing....4 hours of going back and forth from conference rooms to court room to waiting room. By the time we got home, I thought surely I would die. My Phytozon had come while we were gone. I took 2 and planned to go straight to bed, but the phone rang. As I sat here talking, I began to feel the pain lifting. Within an hour, I was feeling appreciable relief...never did go for that nap.
Each day, it has gotten better. I have taken one Aleve since Monday and not one of the prescription pills. I am moving without pain and my speed is getting better by the day.

From everything I am hearing, it is very important to do the loading dose. Take 2 twice a day for the first 4 or 5 days. If you aren't doing that, switch over and do it for the next few days.
If you aren't in really excruciating pain, your results may not be as drastically noticeable as mine, but watch will see changes. I'd love to hear results from any one of you.

Testimonial with Phytozon

My husband, Johnny, has always been a hard one to get to admit he gets anything from any product. So, I didn't ask him this time....I just watched.
For the last few months, he has really been dragging. He is on the road all week and comes home and sits in his chair dozing the entire weekend. This is nothing like he has always been...used to be very energetic and worked hard around here all the time on either the house or the yard. So, it was very noticeable when he was just sitting, falling asleep in his chair. He even remarked a few times that he just couldn't seem to get any energy.

I started him on Phytozon Monday when I started mine...2 twice a day for four days, then on to one twice a day.
This weekend, he has been like his old self. Errands Saturday morning, then changed the oil in his car in the heat Saturday afternoon, worked on clearing junk out of the gameroom, did his own laundry and then worked on paperwork for work Saturday night until late. The a/c unit was leaking so today, after church, he spent several hours in the hot attic checking it out. We went to a party and when we came home tonight, he was back in the attic finishing the job he started earlier. Quite a difference from what I've seen the last few months.
This product has many benefits. Watch carefully as you go through the next few weeks for them. You may get some you aren't expecting before others you are expecting, but keep a record. I think you will be very pleasantly surprised.

Peg and Johnny

Testimonial with Phytozon

My name is Kathy Daniels and I just need to tell you a little of my experience so far with Phytozon. 
I signed up almost a month ago under Susan and Steve, and of course just received my product around the July 5th.
My husband Harrison and I did our Balance tests and Strength tests as had been suggested.
In the past I have been very active and my core strength was pretty good just from normal every day living;
For the past 2 years my health seems to have rapidly declined to the point of just wanting to stay home and do nothing. 
I learned I had hypothyroidism which really causes a lot of health issues and I had suffered with Chrohn's Disease for almost 20 years.
Even with medication I was always tired, my back hurt, my weight jumped 2 sizes and my legs and feet had such an achy burning sensation after just a couple of hours of activity and of course that affected my sleep.  
Then my legs and feet began to swell to the point I had to sit in a recliner with my feet elevated to a complete reclining level before they would eventually stop aching and burning. When I would get up my feet hurt just to put them on the floor to walk. Sometimes I would laugh at myself just thinking how I must look hobbling across the floor.
My memory seemed to slow down at an alarming rate and my balance was terrible. I could not even stand on one leg without tipping over (not even the easiest example of trying to balance myself). 
We were on the verge of moving to another home and I would almost cry just thinking about it because I could not see myself taking on that kind of work and stress. It was just too much to handle. I couldn't even think how to organize a move.
I had to tell you this story because I want you to understand how almost miraculous Phytozon is. After our balance and strength tests we started with one pill. Within 10 minutes I could balance myself on one leg in the recommended test while pulling up one leg at 90% angle. I feel much more focused, my feet and legs don't ache at all and the swelling is becoming non existent.
I can hardly wait till I have regained my core strength again and have embarked on a walking regiment and as soon as we are moved I have already made plans with a personal trainer at the gym. I KNOW IT IS COMING, and I feel very excited.
So having said all of this, I will leave it up to the reader (or readers) of this testimonial to decide if they want to try this amazing product for their own health and well being. These are all true statements for me and I hope if you decide to try this product you will experience as many of the same type of results as I have.
Thank you for taking the time for reading this.
Kathy D

Ps. I had my 65th birthday on July 9th and my husband is 67. We look forward to many more years of the activities that most couples enjoy. Thanks again!!!

Testimonial with Phytozon

I had really planned to wait until it was a full week before writing about what we have experienced after 5 days on PhytoZon, but it will be long enough as it is without adding two more days. First a little background: Jim had polio when he was six years old and was told he would never walk. The growth of his left leg did not keep up with his right and it had remained quite a bit shorter than his right leg and smaller throughout his life ending up by the time he was an adult to be about an inch and a half shorter.
However, since his right hip had to do most of the work to help him walk (he had no working muscle in his left hip), it was worn out by the time he was in his late seventies to the extent he had to have his right hip replaced. Earlier than that, he had both knees replaced. These three operations helped alleviate to a great extent the pain these bad joints had caused, but it did nothing to help his strength, stamina or balance. He had many surgeries during his life time including heart surgery (five by-passes). Now that he is 81, he has good health and I think that in part it is because I have stuffed good supplements down him all our married life! The doctors have him on high blood pressure and cholesterol medication. I am anti-medication because I have seen what having to depend on medication does to the health of folks who are in that situation especially as they get older
Every time I hear of a good supplement, Jim is my first priority, so when PhytoZon came along and I heard the history of it and all that it does, I knew he had to try it, and, of course, me too! What has happened since that is something that we have not experienced with any other product – measurable and noticeable results in such a short period of time!
The very first night, Jim commented on a good night’s sleep and I agreed! A couple days into it, Jim began to realize that he could walk more easily and did not tire as quickly as had been the case. In fact, he found that he could comfortably walk without his cane. He would still carry it with him but all folded up in his hand. (Hurry cane!) This past weekend, we visited with out family at our youngest son’s house in Woodbridge, and Jim did much more walking than usual. (Did not even carry his cane most of the time!)
It was a long walk from the elevator in the hotel to our room at almost the end of the hall. No complaints from him!

This morning as we were walking down the hallway to the elevator, he went sailing past me with a smile saying, “Why are you walking so slow?” He has always told me that I walk too fast, so I would try to slow down which is very hard for me to do. Also, about his blood fluctuates but it has not in years been as low as it was day before yesterday: 123 over 75!! I’m looking forward to it eventually staying in the low range. He has done more outside work this week than he has for a long time. He is so enjoying being more mobile! He also had something going on with his elbow – red with a little pocket of fluid as though there might have been an infection. That seems to be gone!
For myself, I have no serious issues, but I listed a few things that I wanted to watch out for. One was having trouble sleeping on either hip. After a short while, I would have to flop over to the other side until that one would start hurting and wake me up to flop back over again even though we have a very comfortable bed. I noticed after about 3 days on PhytoZon a huge difference in the pain level which made it possible for me to turn much less and get a better night’s sleep. The acid test came while we were on the trip. The beds in that hotel could not have been any harder than if they were cement! (Those were Jim’s words!) Also, the 5 or 6 pillows on each bed met none of the conditions for a good pillow but I chose one and made the best of it! Lo and behold, I slept soundly with no pain or discomfort – from about 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM with getting up only once but going right back to sleep! Both of us were amazed to have slept so well on such a hard bed.
I have arthritis in my hands, especially in my right thumb which has bothered me for a long time and I have found nothing that has helped to lessen that pain – until PhytoZon! Every now and then, I will feel a twinge of pain when I move it a certain way, but it is so much better than it was that I hardly even think about it now! For me, that is a huge thing!
I broke my right elbow many years ago when I was teaching – a set of stage steps collapsed when I was testing them for safety on stage. For the past few years, I have not been able to move my right arm certain ways – like when cleaning a window, storm door, large wall mirror, etc. – without having pain that would stop my efforts. I assume that is arthritis that has set in because of that injury. Now I’ve cleaned glass in several of those situations without any pain whatsoever! Another surprise!
It is not uncommon to have a pain because of no reason in some part of my legs, but that has not happened now almost since I started with the product. There are other things too that I have noticed, but I will save them for an update at a later time to see if the problem remains solved!
I LOVE this product and I want everyone that I meet to experience it! It is truly phenomenal and brings the body into homeostasis which makes everything work to heal itself as God created it to do! I’m looking forward to the days ahead as PhytoZon continues to do its work!


Testimonial with Phytozon

Love PhytoZon!! Already seeing impressive results with myself and my physician wife (her chronic aching hip pain has gone from an 8 (on a 1-10 pain scale) to a 3, which is a major victory if it holds up!

Testimonial with Phytozon

My friend Diana told me about an herbal pain reliever. I had been wondering what to do because my knees are now starting to be an issue.  I have been taking over the counter pain meds, but I was worried about them hurting my kidneys.  
When the Phytozon came I immediately took 2 capsules. I was greatly surprised at the relief that came upon me that day. The real benefit for me is I have been unable to go for walks because of a bad ankle/heel problem.
I mean just to walk around the block put me in a chair for 6-48 hours. I really had to be careful.
I am now walking my dog; a wonderful experience for both of us. I have not gone for a walk in at least 6 years. And what really surprised me is even the next day when I woke up--that ankle was not inflamed. I normally would have been totally disabled. The knees are superb; like new knees. Another huge plus! I strained my shoulder probably a decade ago.  When it really decides to hurt I usually have to take some type of a prescription muscle relaxer to get relief.  My shoulder is wonderfully better, in fact when I shifted around in my chair the other night I felt it adjust.  
It was not a 100% adjustment, but what ever was causing me such terrible pain was definitely corrected.  
The major problem just is not there any more! Now, I patiently wait. Hopeful for another adjustment, and my walking shoes to arrive.  Oh yea, I think I told Diana I felt at least 15 years younger, and I have not even been on this anti-inflammatory wonder formula for a week.  

Cathy, ID

Testimonial with Phytozon

I sleep on my right side and for the past 2 years or more pain in my right shoulder has awakened me 2 to 3 times a night. The pain was excruciating so I would have to re-position my arm to stop the pain so I could go back to sleep. I brought this to the attention of my Dr. but he did nothing so I went to a chiropractor for three months with very little results.

Since I started on PhytoZon I have had no pain in my right shoulder what-so-ever. Pain in my shoulder has not awakened me since Tuesday night. Wednesday afternoon I took 2 capsules of PhytoZon and Thursday morning I took one.

Thursday afternoon I walked one half mile without a problem. This same one half mile I have walked quite a few times in the past year with very much difficulty. It is up and down hills.

Several months ago my Dr prescribed Prozac for me. That is an antidepressant. After reading the bad side affects I did not take it. Since then I have lived with the depression, the anxiety and a foreboding sense of doom until the last three days. I am not saying that I am totally free of these things, yet, but I certainly feel more at ease, more relaxed and more in control.

In the past year or so I have had some equilibrium problems. At times, staggering, weaving, stumbling and mis step sensations. Since I started on PhytoZon I have noticed a huge improvement in my equilibrium.

Some people might say that I am stretching what PhytoZon has done for me in a few days but I assure that I am not.
I can't wait to see what it does for me in a couple months.


Testimonial with Phytozon

I wanted to pass along to you what has happened for me since I took my first capsule Monday afternoon.

To make an extra long story short.. I have been dealing with debilitating health issues that include fibromyalgia for the past couple of years. The pain is so bad that I can't function or even think straight on those bad days which are more frequent the last year. The fatigue is so debilitating that I cannot drive at times.

Well Monday I took only 1 capsule and almost immediately and within an hour or less.. my pain and aches diminished considerably enough that I was able to walk up and down the steps that day normally with no excruciating pain!
I normally have to walk up and down them sideways, step by step, and flat footed so that I didn't bend my ankles and legs too much. Too painful to do so.

That is enough to make me cry with joy as I have not had any kind of relief for so long. I won't take pain killers at all.

I woke up this morning without wanting to go right back to sleep and curl up in a ball.. all is fantastic! I slept like a log and have no fatigue at all right now. Believe me when I say this is not normal for the past 2 years. The pain is down to dull ache instead of excruciating, shooting, burning pain. I can even bend
my fingers without it hurting. Pain in my feet and legs are almost non-existent!

Only 3 days taking my Phytozon and I know I will never be without it now! I will admit I was skeptical before I got my order. I have tried so many things with little to no relief that I just figured this may not help at all. Boy was I wrong!

I have a ways to go at conquering my health issues, but I have no doubt that once my brain and body become fully balanced as they should be, I will be normal once again. I'm already feeling kind of normal lol.
Phytozon has done that for me!

I can't wait to see what else gets better! I'm feeling blessed!


Testimonial with Phytozon

IT REALLY IS FANTASTIC! As they say..."the real deal"! I started with 1 am & pm and thought I was feeling less pain with more energy. Then I started 2 twice a day. NO PAIN.. MORE FLEXIBILITY!

Some history: I've had 2 partial knee replacements, 3 shoulder surgeries, 2 spine surgeries, a ruptured disk, bulging disks & most of my spine has degeneration and Fibromyalgia for over 20 years. Was at Mayo Clinic in May for 8 days. Scheduled for a month at RIC (Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago) for rehab 8 to 4 Mon-Fri. They were going to help me live with more quality...pain medications, occupation & physical therapy, etc. I have tried everything alternative. Nothing has helped much. I had to use heat packs on my neck & lower back for 40 minutes before I could start my day. Getting out of bed in the morning was not only painful but so stiff.

Then my friend Kevin told me about something that would be coming! I have to say I owe this company. ...& Kevin my life!
You've known me about 10 years. I've liked & been interested in a few products...worked a couple but have I ever said this? Call me ..... and when ur near my area. dogs miss u!


Testimonial with Phytozon

My back has been hurting for 3 days since I was on the roof working bent over and then came in the house and cooled off.
I just got my Phytozon in the mail and took a capsule about 30 minutes ago. My back doesn't hurt anymore!

Call me a liar if you will but once you try it other people will be calling you the same. :-)

Testimonial with Phytozon

My Mom and I got our bottles on Monday (7/7). We took two capsules on Monday, and as of this early Tuesday (7/8) evening writing have only taken three capsules in all. My Mom is a healthy 86, but is plagued with aches and pains and a general feeling of fatigue and low energy.
When I asked her this afternoon how she was feeling after just three capsules, she told me that the shooting pains in her wrists have subsided significantly in both frequency and intensity. She also told me that last night she did not have to prop her left arm on a pillow, as she usually does, to help lessen her shoulder pain throughout the night.. because it has stopped hurting altogether! In addition to the relief from her pains, she also feels that her overall sense of energy is improved. She doesn't feel her usual tired and heavy feeling now.

She cleaned the oven and a few other kitchen areas today that she has been wanting to get to, but was lacking the energy to do. She was also excited to show me that she is now able to balance her stance on one leg, something she could not do prior to today. (She's had two knee and one hip replacements).

For myself, I too have felt a general relief from the aches and pains of past sports activities in my neck, back and shoulders. I have also had a kind of off-and-on toothache pain in my lower jaw that was driving me a bit crazy for the last few days, that has gone away too since yesterday and taking PhytoZon. I am very impressed, and grateful for that one benefit alone. While I understand that it takes weeks or months for a nutritional supplement to begin to provide its full benefits, I am extremely impressed with what I and my Mom have experienced with just three capsules and in only 1 and 1/2 days.
I'll keep you posted on our experience over the weeks ahead. At this point, with what I've seen and experienced thus far, I am expecting big things from PhytoZon. Thank you again for sharing this incredible product with us. I know we'll be taking it for a long long time.

Sincerely, Bob

Testimonial with Phytozon

Received PhytoZon yesterday afternoon. Around 4 – 4:30 I took two. Went swimming for 30 minutes and then took a Far Infra-Red Sauna (my own sauna). I was good and tired when I hit the bed at 9:00 p.m. So tired I did not eat dinner.

Usually when I get up, it is really a struggle to walk (as you know, need new hip) and not only my hip hurts, but the pain goes up into my back on the side of the bad hip. I got up this morning and was not holding on to the furniture and wall to get into the bathroom. Took two caps this morning and my discomfort is negligible. This is amazing, as I have seen my hip in X-ray and it looks like a bone the dog chewed up.

Leaving for my mother’s in the a.m. Will take the week I am on vacation. I am really, really excited.


Testimonial with Phytozon

I usually wait a month to assess how my body responds to a product but after only a week....the Jury is in. Phytozon is indeed a category creator.

Here is what I've noticed being a healthy woman of 68 years:
Energy - sustained energy all through the day. No nap needed. Taking on bigger 'projects'.
Mental Clarity – very difficult, complex spiritual concepts became clear. I could hang on each sentence and process it without having to hit 'pause'.

Healing faster –burned finger –next day no pain and can hardly see it.
No Swollen feet – usually when it’s over 80 degrees in my house my ankles swell up. It was way over 90 degrees and zero swelling.
Noticeable sense of enhanced 'well being'. Just feel 'young'.
Neck and skin tighten- noticeable lift on upper eyelids
Not as hungry- food being absorbed much better.
Attracted to more raw foods.
Calmer – can maintain a sense of peace
Vision – Definitely Brighter, crisper colors, somewhat clearer vision
Can stand for long periods without pain in hip.
Can walk quickly without getting winded and no almost NO pain.
My leg strength much improved (I have a rod and screws and pins in one femur)
I feel much more sturdy (balanced) on my feet. None of that fragile feeling.
Partied too hardy – next day Zero hangover.
Hair – washing hair it felt much thicker. I noticed about 75% less Hair in the drain.

Detoxed myself with bionic hydrotherapy footbath – water Black! Obviously detoxification has much improved. It’s not usually that dark. Good stuff getting into the cell (not as hungry) and bad stuff coming out!)

Please send in your experiences!
Many Blessings, Phyllis

Testimonial with Phytozon

At last nights demo party we had a lady to demo who had Fibromyalgia.
She said her leg hurt to the point where she couldn't touch it with her finger tips. she also had a problem walking.
We know that Phytozon does not claim to heal treat or cure any ailments or illnesses but it is amazing what your body can do when it is in balance.
I did the before and after demo so she could feel the product right away and then in about 20 minutes she told everyone that she could now run her finger tips up and down her leg with out it hurting and she got up and was walking around much better. That was on just one capsule.
I know this sounds impossible but you will see it for yourself once you have the product in your hands.


Testimonial with Phytozon

Day Three on PhytoZon,
My Knee pain is way down. I have always been in pain from old sports injuries.
My Hand –Eye coordination is much improved. This is an issue I am still dealing with from my Stroke in
Jan 2014.
My neck pain is also greatly reduced. Another stroke issue.
My Balance is also a lot better. No major issues with walking up or down stairs or bending over. Its not at
110% yet, but it is getting closer.
I walked yesterday in my neighborhood for the First time since Jan. (one mile)
Sleep the last three nights has been without a sleep aid.

Not enough time to list all the little stuff.
It’s a good day in the neighborhood.

Testimonial with Phytozon

I am adding MY testimonials....on The American Dream's new product, PHYTOZON!

Tuesday I got mine and gave my maid 3 capsules. (She is 76 years old). Today she came and said she loved it from the very first
capsule! I said I would sell her a weeks supply, if she couldn't afford the $50. She said, " I want the bottle!" WOW!

This is AMAZING! ONE capsule is all it takes!  100% get results from the strength and balance test!
Call me. One months supply is $50! Wow. (Some take a loading dose for a couple of days.) Two a day work for me! I am jazzed!

Oh, and one of my distributor's health took a dramatic turn in less than an hour. He has diabetes and severe pain
that his doctors still have not found out what is causing it. His neuropathy and pain was gone in an hour! He signed up 4 people that morning! Whew!

And my sick dog sitter who is deathly ill on 27 prescription drugs...I gave him enough for 4 a day for a couple of days...his mother just called and said he wanted more, he felt so much better....I can hardly contain myself! She just came to get another weeks worth.

Love, Margie

Testimonial with Phytozon

I took one capsule just before a long walk in the hills near our home. The first thing I noticed was a flow of energy in my brain. I was surprised. It felt good. A balancing effect. (No I didn’t do the balancing tests. But felt the effects on a long walk.) Then we went to the park and walked for a couple of hours. It was a challenging walk and exhausting. The surprise was that I made it over all the hills, steps, rocks and valleys. I slept very well that night.

It was a couple days later that I started on the 2 x 2 loading program. I felt the a.m. energy, then collapsed in the later afternoon, until the second 2. Slept really well at night. Measure by my Fitbit at 96 - 98 efficiency.

I have noticed a decided lessening of back pain. I still have a pain/stiffness in my neck and one particular spot in my lower right back that has been a persistent bother. Also a stiff shoulder from a Yoga session that doesn’t want to heal, and has some stiffness/weakness in the upper muscle of my right arm. But even those areas are decidedly better. I no longer seem to be falling asleep later afternoon, am back to 1 and 1 per day. I also have a heart valve stenosis, so anxious to see how that progresses. But it’s only been a week.

I use a CPAP machine at night and noticed a very definite deeper breathing and sinuses clear and I think that contributes to a better sleep. Also we walk every day and the shortness of breath has improved, and it’s easier to take deep, refreshing breaths. I also have tinnitus, a ringing in the ears. I work on my computer a lot, have a modem, TV, and other electronics nearby, earphones, etc., so not much I can do about that. But if protected? That’s a pleasant thought. I hope the tinnitus goes away. I got new glasses this week too, after ten years, and am astonished about how much better I see, but don’t know if the Phytozon has much to do with that.

I’m a month short of my 75th birthday. Sure enjoying the alertness, energy, and excitement about a product that seems to actually do what it says it will do. I had never heard of American Dream Nutrition, but am impressed with their products and perspective on better health. I am certainly impressed by the new website our team leader is putting together with the studies and videos on the various nutraceuticals from the Amazon rainforest. I love the synergetic design, effects, and potential of sharing this product with fellow travelers in the aging circuit. I like the fact that it is a “proprietary, patented, evidence-based” product. In fact I just sold a bottle.
Now I have to go order it. LOL! Hal

Testimonial with Phytozon

Since I got out of the Marine Corps almost 40 years ago, I have a routine when I go to bed at night. I set an alarm clock. During that entire 40 year period I have actually only heard the alarm go off in the morning maybe twice and the last time was probably 20 years ago. I have always woke prior to the time set but I have kept the routine anyway. Being a veteran, sleeping has always been a problem, as most veterans will tell you.

Well three weeks ago when we got our pills that I now take twice a day, in the morning and when I go to bed, the alarm has had to wake me up on 5 different occasions. That is remarkable. I feel more refreshed throughout the entire day now. If the pills do nothing else for me, and I am sure they will do more, it was worth every cent to get these good night’s sleep I am now getting.
Thanks Randy and PhytoZon for giving me this.

Dane Hoover
General Manager, TSI Aerospace

Testimonial with Phytozon

When I woke up this a.m. my heart was pounding so hard that I felt like my arteries in my neck were going to bust! Not 5 minutes after I took my PhytoZon it stopped pounding!!!!! and in about 10 minutes or less my heart stopped pounding in my chest so 'loud'!!!! Even my lower back which I have so much pain in, even when I first get out of bed felt better!
We only started taking them Friday! And my hubby who has Parkinson's Disease is speaking better and we both seem able to concentrate better! Oh... one more thing.
When I picked up my Bible to read this a.m. I could see the words without having to squint! Thank You Jesus for this wonderful herb you sent our way!!!!! and thank you Polly for introducing this herb to us!!!!!

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