Wild Shiaga with Black Cumin Essential Oil Plus from American Dream Nutrition

Wild Shiaga + Essential Oils - (1) - 2 oz. dropper bottle - 30 day supply.

Wild Shiaga is considered one of the most powerful weapons in fighting against illness and disease.

It can help modulate the immune system by as much as 4000% within 20 hours after taking Shiaga.
Shiaga contains 3-beta-D-glucans that are known to have anti-aging properties.
Beta-glucans (Beta 1, 3-D Glucan), Shiaga also contains natural germanium, essential oils, black cumin, lemon, cinnamon bark and peppermint.

SHIAGA - Contains Shiaga (conk), and Therapeutic Quality GRAS Essential Oils of Black Cumin, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark and Peppermint.

SHIAGA - (Tsi-Ahga)

It is an ancient Native American Medicine that over the last centuries was forgotten by all but the most dedicated Medicine Men and Medicine Women. Now because of these dedicated few, it has now become available to everyone.

The Wild Shiaga is considered by many Native American Practitioners to be their most powerful weapon in the fight against illness and disease.

The 3-beta-D-glucans, which make up a large part of the cellular structure of this herb, causes a pan-systemic modulation of T-Cells, Macrophages and Neutrophil White Blood Cells when ingested. In fact, it has been established that the number and viability of these particular cells is increased by as much as 4000% within 20 hours after taking Shiaga!

Macrophages and Neutrophils are the two cells upon which all other Immune Cells depend. You can have many viable B-Cells and T-Cells, but they will not be effective without the programming provided by these "Communicator" cells that assist in activating the healing stem cells found in your body. Shiaga also contains bitter triterpene compounds that support the thymus and spleen (essential to insuring that immune cells are properly programmed), antitumor polysaccharides, and blood pressure-reducing angiotensin re-uptake inhibitors.

Loaded with germanium, Shiaga is one of the most powerful antioxidant substances known, and the Beta-glucan molecules in Shiaga cause a system immune modulation and response cascade. In other words, Shiaga causes the body to produce a vast number of the specific immune cells needed to make proper use of the antioxidants found in the food you eat, and at the same time it provides a powerful source of antioxidant germanium that you would not normally be able to acquire in any other way.

Major pharmacological studies from numerous American and European universities and hospitals have uncovered these healing and beneficial properties in Shiaga. Beta-glucans (Beta 1, 3-D Glucan) aids as an antidepressant, anti-diabetic, anti-leukemic, antimicrobial (fungus, bacteria and virus), anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, regulates blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, promotes healing and so forth.

The Beta-glucans in Shiaga have been scientifically found to regulate production and function of basophil and eosinophil white blood cells, reducing inflammation, pain and fever. Shiaga contains 94,000,000 biologically active Beta-glucan molecules in every serving. Other top selling beta glucan supplements do not even come close to this amount.

Many people might wonder why all of this good information about the quantity and the quality of the Beta-glucans and other phytoceuticals in Shiaga, has not been made available to the world sooner. The simple answer is that production of bio available Beta-glucan products has been bogged down in the costly process of obtaining the prober molecules from the cell walls of yeast. Only recently was it discovered that one of the Sacred Plants of the Native Americans contained vastly greater amounts of this important compound than any other source. It has taken this discovery, the far-reaching impact, and the right team of people to make Shiaga commercially available.

Ingredients in this incredible product:

BLACK CUMIN Essential Oil - It stands without question that if the immune system is strengthened, numerous ailments and illnesses can be aided and alleviated. The Black Cumin has impressive scientific research which shows it to have very beneficial, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

Long used as a traditional remedy for colds and viral infections, Black Cumin is still a good choice to use against illness. In contrast to synthetic cold and flu medications, using "Shiaga" to overcome a cold can help strengthen the immune system so the body is able to heal quickly and resist additional infections. People who are under extreme stress tend to be much more susceptible to illness.

The Black Cumin contains unsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid and gamma Linolenic - all essential for a healthy immune system.
One of the most important components in Black Cumin is the volatile oil Nigellone which is known to be effective for bronchial asthma and respiratory allergies. It has the ability to expand and relax the airways, reduces the release of histamines into the bloodstream and works against allergic reactions. It has been shown that allergic symptoms are reduced up to 90% with long-term supplementation with Black Cumin. The saponin and nigellin in Black Cumin give it its appetite-enhancing and digestion-stimulating qualities. It acts as an antihistamine and pain reliever. Research on Black Cumin has focused on its positive effects on the immune system.

Scientists know that Black Cumin stimulates bone marrow and immune cells, raises the interferon production, protects the body against viruses, destroys tumor cells and inhibits infection. Research revealed that Black Cumin possesses antibiotic properties that act against a wide spectrum of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. In sideby-side tests Black Cumin matched or exceeded the ampicillin's effectiveness in defeating gram-positive bacteria. Laboratory tests also indicate that Black Cumin may hold promise in fighting cancer cells.

The study shows that Black Cumin is superior to other medicines in many regards. It proved to be more effective than chemotherapy and radiation treatments - without their serious side effects. The Cancer Immuno-Biology Laboratory of South Carolina ran a series of experiments in which mice were infected with tumor cells. Two thirds of the animals treated with Black Cumin oil were still alive thirty days after being infected. In contrast, all the mice that did not receive Black Cumin treatment died within the same time period. Concentration problems are not limited to the elderly. The main causes are lack of oxygen and nutrients to the brain, stress, pressure and internal conflicts that lower the ability to concentrate.
Using Black Cumin regularly may ensure you will keep a clear head even in old age.

LEMON Essential Oil - It assists indigestion, gas, intestinal parasites, nausea, vomiting, and heartburn. It cleanses the lymphatic system, the smell is stimulating to the brain, clears thoughts, mental fatigue, helps concentration and focus, and fights infectious diseases. It is beneficial for mouth ulcers, colds, flu, herpes, throat infection, asthma, bronchitis, anemia, heart-burn, varicose veins, tightens blood vessels, rheumatism, arthritis, gallstones, dyspepsia, and gout.

Lemon is used for uterine infections, intestinal parasites, respiratory issues, colds, flu, throat infections, asthma, bronchitis, mouth ulcers, herpes, brittle nails, acne, boils, warts, corns, stops nose bleeds, gland stimulation and purification, cellulite, high blood pressure, poor circulation, and reduces fevers.

It is beneficial as a general tonic using a drop or two ever couple of hours in water, varicose veins, liver spots, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, rheumatism, arthritis, gallstones, gout, eye disorders, and lowers blood sugar levels.

It is an astringent, antiseptic, and stimulates the immune system in the formation of red and white blood cells is beneficial for Parkinson’s disease, and cancer. Lemon assists with debility, anxiety, apathy, nervous conditions, emotional clarity, awareness, brings joy, relieves touchiness, grudges, and resentment.

CINNAMON BARK Essential Oil - It assists circulation, lowering glucose, strengthens the heart, endocrine, and nervous systems. It assists in controlling diabetes by normalizing triglycerides and lowering blood sugars. It is a general health tonic and enhances the action and activity of other essential oils. It is an immune stimulant and has been found that viruses, bacteria, and fungus cannot live in this oil. It is used against inflammation, parasites, typhoid, infections, tropical infection, flu, colds, coughs, warts, aching joints, cramps, arthritis, rheumatism, and is a general all around maintenance oil, and general sexual stimulant raising the libido.

It is beneficial for circulation, strengthens the heart, endocrine, and nervous systems. It contains powerful antioxidant capacity and anti-microbial benefits. It assists with increasing energy, is a digestive stimulant, beneficial for the digestive system in such conditions as motion sickness, diarrhea, ulcers, intestinal parasites, urinary infections, and helps the metabolic process. It is also beneficial for stimulating memory retention, tightens muscles, and combating acid conditions. Cinnamon Bark is a powerful purifier, enhances the action, and activity of other oils it is blended with.

PEPPERMINT - It benefits the respiratory system assists flu, colds, asthma, bronchitis, fevers, throat infections, sinusitis, spasmodic coughs, colic, cramps, and toothaches. It is stimulating and strengthening beneficial for mental alertness, shock, fatigue, nervous stress, fainting, headaches, vertigo, and migraines. It assist indigestion, colic, motion sickness, nausea, gas, diarrhea, halitosis, breath freshener, and heartburn.

It has been reported that Peppermint directly effects the brain's center, which triggers a sensation of fullness after a meal. It increases circulation, opens the sensory system, fights bacteria, inflammation, varicose veins, swelling, spasms, neuralgia, muscle and joint pain, palpitations, and jet lag.

It stimulates the gallbladder, liver, female problems, regulates menstruation, hot flashes, and cramps.

Peppermint is beneficial for itchy skin, sunburns, arthritis, acne, dermatitis, poison ivy, scabies, lice, and ringworm.
It promotes hair growth as well as balances the pH levels on the head for healthy and shiny hair. Beneficial for liver problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, dispels pride, and feelings of inferiority.

Shiaga Testimonials

Wanda M. -- "My husband and I have been using Shiaga for the last 8 to 10 weeks. We have each had our blood lipids checked very recently at different locations. Since Gordon's last lab report of October, his total cholesterol has gone from 183 to 145: good cholesterol (HDL) has increased while bad cholesterol (LDL) has decreased: triglycerides are now fantastic and his HDL/LDL risk ratio has dropped from being too high to being in the desirable range. For a 78 year old who once had prostate cancer, he has great health and high energy. I have a genetic tendency to high cholesterol and triglycerides. My recent blood test showed the best improvement I have ever seen in the 40 years I have been tracking this. Compared to my October blood test, cholesterol has dropped 43 points; HDL -- for the first time I can remember -- is in the normal range; LDL although still too high has dropped 25 points; triglycerides have gone from 316 to 182. Coronary risk factor is down from high to a near normal range. While taking Shiaga my energy levels have allowed me to have more productive days and at age 71 that is a blessing."

Ken C. -- "This is my latest medical update. Prepare to be impressed/astounded! Yesterday I went to see my consultant for a follow-up visit following the work on my vocal chords. When I went into his consulting room I saw the amazement on his face. I think that he was not expecting any improvement in me. He was totally bewildered to find that I have made such a recovery! He ran a few tests which confirmed that I can now eat and drink normally. He said that the nerve endings were completely better, but could not explain how this had occurred! He said that it was like a miracle. His final phrase was that the recovery was NOT due to anything the hospital had done... I left feeling secure in the knowledge that it was the Shiaga which had done the trick. I am your staunchest supporter, and tell anyone I can..."

Monte H. -- "I had just gone through my third round of Interleukin Chemotherapy for Hepatitis C with absolutely no good effects when I first heard about Shiaga. I was told that my liver was almost completely dead and that my heart could simply fall apart at any time. My doctors gave me zero hope of survival past two years. I obtained some Shiaga and began taking it. Almost immediately I noticed a decrease in liver pain and my energy returned. After several months a scan of my liver showed considerable regeneration and recovery. Additionally, my heart showed no signs of damage whatsoever."

Darla L. -- "I have a serious breast cancer. Recently, because I opted against a radical mastectomy and chemotherapy, my oncologist wrote me a letter outlining just exactly when I would die and how. It was very disheartening. Since then, I have been taking Shiaga orally and one of the larger tumors has reduced in size from the size of a walnut to that of a pea, and the rest of the mass has become soft and more pliable. I believe that, with the help of Shiaga, I may be able to send my oncologist his letter back with my compliments."

Anelle L. -- "I have four children ranging in age from 8 to 15. I started them on Shiaga several years ago. Although we live in an area that actually had to close the schools during a recent outbreak of Nile Fever, and also of Flu, my children (although they became sick as one would expect and want children to do), did not suffer with any illness longer than three days. I know of friends whose children mine played with who suffered for weeks with the flu, but not mine. I attribute this to Shiaga."

Becky R. -- "I was diagnosed HIV positive when I was eighteen but had no symptoms until six years ago. When I began taking Shiaga I was suffering horribly. No one knew just how long I could hold on. Now I am officially designated as a "False Positive Diagnosis". I couldn't be happier with any other label."

JV -- For over 10 years I have had a small raised growth on my upper cheek. It did not look abnormal and it did not change in size. Over the years I rubbed various "lotions and potions" on it - nothing happened. I had been taking Shiaga internally for about a month when I heard people were having results from applying Shiaga topically for various conditions. I continued to consume Shiaga internally and started applying it to the growth every day to see what would happen. Well, it started diminishing in size and depth almost from the beginning. Now almost 2 months later it is almost gone; I can barely see or feel it. I imagine it will be totally gone soon. Thank You ADN for adding Shiaga to your product line.

Dorothy L -- We have heard many glowing testimonies of what this product does. I am impressed with the many benefits it gives. I count on it for my Immune system and for how it is rebuilding new stem cells. My testimony is about pain. I am 96 and do not have a lot of pain problems, but I had been hitting the screen latch on a garage screen door hard to get it to release and my wrist and hand started sharp pains. I grabbed the Shiaga bottle and massaged it into the area and Voila, pain left in a few minutes. I trust it to support my system in many ways.

CD -- By the way, my allergies go off the charts when not using the Wild Shiaga. My wife is normally the first to catch a cold and bring it home. Since she started using Shiaga, we have had no colds or coughing in our family.

Doug S -- I could not believe how after using Shiaga for 1 day I could breathe out of both nostrils. This was something I have not done in years. I cannot believe it!

Testimonial with Phytozon, Clear Heart, Wild Shiaga and Chaga Plus.

My son got my dad's cigarette addiction. My dad smoked to deal with stress and my son picked up the habit to deal with stress. I truly feel these addiction issues run in the family. It isn't always drugs! But the drug of choice! I am thankful that this was his only addiction.

I have been on him for years. He will be 33 this year! I was always told pick your battles and finally I did give up saying too much. But as mom's do, I kept up hinting here and there.

My dad died of lung cancer. I saw him suffer greatly! I kept reminding my son that you can smoke for years and it hits you usually in your 50's or 60's. I believe my dad carried the cancer gene, his dad died of lung cancer also and I worry my son has the gene.

3 years ago after I became a ADN distributor I approached my son asked him, "If I sent him Phytozon & Clear Heart if he would diligently take them. He was just turning 30 and in a serious relationship and I explained how he had to take control of his health for his future and future family. The heart gets damaged as well as the lungs from smoking.

He has been very good about taking them and tells me he breathes better. He is a hiker and outdoorsman and said he can tell a huge difference in his energy levels how he feels overall.

When I started him on the Wild Shiaga and the Chaga Plus he called to tell me he quit smoking and he felt that those 2 products made him have no desire to want to smoke. I am grateful as a mom that he is taking his health seriously. He will be 33 soon and getting married in October! Mom's will always be Mom's! Florence A.

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